When will my ice cream be delivered?

Our team ships out freshly churned ice cream twice a week - Mondays and Tuesdays. Because we use dry ice to keep the ice cream perfectly frozen in transit, we can only ship UPS ground (where available) o Next Day/ 2-Day delivery.

You’ll be emailed a shipping confirmation to track your package while it’s in transit.

For questions about our shipping & delivery schedule, please contact: shipping@smittenicecream.com.

How do you ship your ice cream? 

We ship our ice cream in a proprietary Green Cell Foam™ insulation cooler, the most eco-friendly packaging on the market. We include dry ice in the cooler so your ice cream arrives as cold as we can keep it until the evening of your delivery date.

Is the packaging sustainable? How do I dispose of the packaging? 

When we set out to ship our ice cream nationwide, we knew that we wanted to source the most sustainable packaging available. Green Cell Foam™ is corn-based - making it completely compostable and biodegradable. Manufacturing it requires 70% less energy and produces 80% less greenhouse gases than petroleum based foams (like styrofoam). 

  • Insulation: Cut or rip open the outer film of the insulation and add it to a municipal recycling bin (make sure your local waste facility accepts #4 plastics; otherwise, throw it in the landfill). Then, dissolve the green cell foam in the sink -- it’s 100% safe for pipes, septic, and waste treatment facilities. Green Cell Foam is also backyard compostable and biodegradable. 
  • Box: Break down the corrugated box and add it to your municipal recycling bin. 
  • Dry Ice: Once the dry ice has completely dissipated, add the film to your municipal recycling bin. 

Is dry ice safe? How do I dispose of the dry ice safely? 

Dry ice is extremely cold (-109.3°F!), cold enough to injury or harm if not safely handled. Never touch dry ice directly with your hands. Using gloves or another buffer for your skin, leave the dry ice in a well ventilated space (preferably outdoors) and it will sublimate on its own. Refer to the dry ice safety sheet included in all shipments for further details on handling dry ice. 

What if the dry ice has completely dissipated when I open the package? 

We include enough dry ice in our packages to ensure your ice cream is frozen until the evening of your delivery date. If the dry ice is dissipated when you open the package, the ice cream is perfectly safe to eat as long as it’s still frozen/cold. Contact us if you have any questions. 

Where can I find information about ingredients & allergens? 

Ingredients and allergens can be found on our individual flavor pages. We currently do not have nutritional information for our ice cream. 

*Our ice cream is made in a facility and on equipment that processes dairy, eggs, tree nuts, wheat, and soy. Trace amounts may be present as a result. 

What if I never get my package?
Check the status of your package using your UPS tracking number. Contact the carrier directly. If you have issues beyond that, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. 

How fresh is your ice cream?
Our ice cream is the freshest out there. Our certified Brrristas churn your ice cream fresh after we receive your order, and it’s shipped out twice a week. All our pints are hand-packed and labelled with a “churned on” date, so you can see exactly how fresh it is. We recommend eating your ice cream within 2 weeks of delivery to fully experience the unparalleled quality and texture of Smitten fresh ice cream. 

For any questions or concerns, please contact: shipping@smittenicecream.com.

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