The Season's Best Collection (4 Pint)

The Season's Best Collection (4 Pint)

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4 Pint Collection of Smitten's Season's Best Collection Fresh-Churned to Perfection!



(1) Cookie Dough w/ Pretzels & Chocolate Chips Pint 
- Hand-chopped pretzels add a salty crunch to made-from-scratch cookie dough pieces studded with teensy Guittard Chocolate Chips. These buttery chunks of cookie dough are mixed into a malted brown sugar ice cream base made from milk and cream, and churned fresh.

(1) Bee Sting with Honey & Chilies PintWe infuse pure, unfiltered honey with a blend of four types of chilies before combining it with our fresh milk & cream, creating a sweet and spicy honey ice cream our hardworking bees would be proud of. 

(1) Brookies n' Cream Pint - When a brownie meets a cookie, you get a “brookie”! We fold milk chocolate brownies and gooey chocolate chip brownies into our sweet cream base, along with a hint of vanilla. 

(1) Chocolate Ganache with 61% Guittard Cacao Pint - Smitten’s classic chocolate ice cream gets the upgrade with Guittard® Chocolate Company’s 61% Cacao. We add a little extra fudgy flavor with Guittard® Cocoa Rouge and melt it down into a rich, dare we say decadent ganache. 

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