NEW Smitten N'Ice Cream (Vegan & Lactose Free in Partnership with Pefect Day™)

NEW Smitten N'Ice Cream (Vegan & Lactose Free in Partnership with Pefect Day™)

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4-pint collection of our NEW Smitten N'Ice Cream  ( vegan & lactose-free in partnership with Perfect Day™)

After nearly a decade iterating on vegan “ice cream”, refusing to settle on a product unless it matched the quality, taste and texture of our grass-fed dairy flavors, we are thrilled to say that we finally figured out vegan perfection!

Meet Smitten N’Ice Cream.
Our vegan & lactose-free scoops made with Perfect Day™.
It’s for people who have dietary restrictions and people who don’t.
Smitten N’Ice Cream is so fricken good, it deserves a category of its own.



(1) Brown Sugar Chocolate Pint - Organic dark brown sugar and Guittard Cocoa Rouge cocoa powder are whisked together into a tantalizing ooey-gooey mixture and blended with our vegan, clean-label base. The result is a lusciously smooth, lactose-free and vegan flavor, reminiscent of your favorite hot cocoa.

(1) Fresh Strawberry Pint - Sustainably-sourced strawberries at their peak of flavor are pureed with organic sugar to create an epically flavorful strawberry jam and then blended with our vegan, clean-label base. The result is a taste that reminds you of fresh strawberries dipped in cream, lactose-free and vegan without the sacrifice in taste.

(1) Toasted Hazelnut w/ Cocoa Nibs:
This flavor is brimming with toasted hazelnuts and chocolatey cocoa nibs, adding a sweet, salty crunch to every caramelized brown-sugary toffee ice cream bite.

 (1) Root Beer Float Pint - In true Smitten fashion, we start by making our own root beer syrup with sassafras, sarsaparilla, vanilla, ginger, star anise, peppermint, molasses and dark brown sugar. This homemade syrup is then blended with our vegan, clean-label base, resulting in the most delicious float you never imagined

  • Note: Smitten N’Ice Cream, our vegan and lactose-free pints in partnership with Perfect Day™, contain non-animal milk protein and are NOT suitable for people with milk protein or dairy allergies.  These pints are vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, cholesterol-free, hormone-free and antibiotic-free!  
  • All pints are made in the same facility that handles dairy, egg, tree nuts, peanuts, soy and gluten products.


For a full list of flavor descriptions and ingredients please visit here..


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